Friday, April 01, 2011

Bike Every Day - 30 Days of Biking

There's a challenge to bike every day in April and tweet about it. I don't tweet, but I do bike, so here goes!

We were expecting freezing rain today, but the temperature stayed just a bit warmer. Mallard duck pairs were quacking happily from the rooftops. Chickadees were singing. A light drizzle barely moistened my hair and glasses.

Rainshield pants and jacket kept my clothes dry. (It breathes better than any other rain gear I've tried.)

Not a bad day to start a 30-day cycling challenge.

The bike is a long-wheelbase recumbent by Terry Osell (a Minneapolis builder).  Since I bought it in 1996, it's been modified with a new seat, new handlebars, and a new drivetrain with an 8-speed Shimano hub. 

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