Sunday, April 03, 2011

April 3 evening ride

So much of our riding is for commuting or errands that it seemed odd to be out for just a little ride in the evening on April 3.  Without the "30 Days of Biking" challenge, we might not have set out for a ride under grey skies on a day when the snowbanks haven't completely melted away.  I rode the Anura trike with the 20" wheels and the studded tires, and Dale rode one of the other Anuras.  Like so many bike rides, this one had a little surprise:  the mergansers had found a small open patch of water on Lake Harriet and were doing their spring dances.  I've seen hawks on most of my recent rides, and this morning, I enjoyed watching an albino squirrel in a nearby park.  Seeing a white squirrel on a bike ride always feels lucky to me -- as if it might bring favorable weather for riding this month.
From Thirty Days of Biking

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