Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 2

We cycled out to do some shopping today on the second day of the "30 Days of Biking" 2011 challenge. The salesclerk wondered how we would get our 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of purchases home, and it did turn out to be a tight fit. We had to strap one bag of oranges to the back of a seat. Ice on the north-facing ramp from the parking lot would have stopped most bikes, but four-wheel drive on the Anura trike tandem got us through.
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Sheilia & Terry said...

Y'all's 'Tigersnake' adventures have been a big help to us, as we've converted our car-free lifestyle from a Burley Samba/SoftRide tandem hauling a Burley Cub, to a pair of coupled Greenspeed Anuras hauling a no-name flatbed trailer converted to a centered delta-trike hitch (based on y'all's "tigersnake")We tend to think of "Tigersnake" as a generic name, (it's SO appropriate)but ours is the GGCAT (Geezers'Greenspeed Coupled Anuras Tandem) or George&GracieCoupled As Tandem. When we ride separately, the trikes are "George" and "Gracie" the most fun couple we could think of. So far, it's mostly our SUV, shopping trips and functional transportation but we're planning on some camping trips this summer, to prepare and "condition" for our ultimate Transmerican - Southern Tier in a few years.Sheilia & Terry Scott

Mary said...

Glad to hear from another couple having as much fun as we are! When we named our Tigersnake we didn't realize (or had forgotten) that the tigersnake is a fierce Australian snake -- so appropriate for a train of Anuras. They are just so much fun to ride that we take them everywhere.