Thursday, April 07, 2011

April 7

How would you pick someone up from the notorious Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, where bikes are forbidden to ride? Fortunately, the light rail connection links to the Minnehaha Creek bike path. I rode a pair of Anuras over to meet Dale as he flew home from New York. My Droid showed me (via FlightAware) which of the planes that I saw landing was his, and Google Latitude confirmed it when he turned on his phone and his avatar showed up on the map. (I have a terrible weakness for consumer electronics on bikes.)  We arrived at the light rail station almost simultaneously. There was room in the trailer, so we stopped for groceries on the ride home. The cars spent another day in the driveway as we enjoyed the first spring day with temperatures over 60 degrees and crocuses in bloom next to warm foundations. 

There is another way to bike to the MSP airport.  Of the two terminals, Terminal 2 has bike access, and the light rail connection between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 serves as a free shuttle that allows bikes.  It's less convenient and less pleasant than the connection at the Minnehaha Creek, so we generally go for the scenic route.


Sheilia & Terry said...

Absolutely perfect !

Sheilia & Terry said...

Y'all are definitely our heroes. :-)

Mary said...

Minneapolis makes it hard not to be a bicycling hero. The cross-city bike trails are smooth, friendly, and well-connected to north-south routes. The Minnehaha Creek bike path on a warm spring day is as good as just about any recreational bike trail out in the country -- and you can get your shopping done and pick up your traveler at the same time.