Sunday, January 27, 2008

Human-Powered WHAT?

An annual exhibit of art-fish-houses on Medicine Lake near Minneapolis went Pedal-Powered in 2008 with an icehouse propelled by 6 cyclists on a wooden bench. The Art Shanties liven up a cold Minnesota winter with whimsical versions of the traditional fish house.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ice Bike Racing

The Minnesota HPVA Ice Bike Races have had some bad luck with conditions over the years. This year our usual lake froze just as the first snow fell, and the ice surface was unrideable. We moved to an impromptu location on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, using some paths that had been cleared for a pond hockey tournament the week before. Temperatures were warm -- in the 20's -- and the ice was pretty good. The bikes and trikes were, as usual, splendid!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Another reason to bike

Valvoline Instant Oil Change reminded me today why I love to bike. My husband and I have been carpooling to work for a month because of a combination of weather and a foot injury that had him in an orthopedic boot. We put enough miles on the car that I figured it was time for a quick oil change. My wiper blades were undeniably bad, so when the slimy salesman offered me new wiper blades for $10 off, I didn't ask what the original price might be. Well, it was $17.50 per blade, plus a $12.00 charge for installation!!

What a contrast to our usual bike shops. And what an incentive to go car-free!