Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30

From Thirty Days of Biking
Certainly we won't stop with 30.  The Minnesota Ironman bike ride is tomorrow, and it looks as if there might actually be nice weather for it.  This ride -- older than the Ironman triathlons -- is traditionally ridden on the last weekend in April, when anything's possible, weatherwise.  With Easter falling on the last Sunday in April, the ride ended up in May, and we are hoping that means less sleet than in some other years. 

The RANS Screamer tandem carried us from Salzburg to Hungary in May of 2001.  Since we got the linking delta trikes, the Screamer spends more time in the garage, but the Ironman is just the sort of ride it's good for -- not many starts and stops, generally good road surfaces, and no need to carry a lot of gear. 

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