Friday, July 30, 2010

What a night!

We arrived after dark last night and were disappointed to find no record of our reservation at the motel. We had a confirmation email, and eventually the nice lady at the desk figured out that someone in the system had put us down as having a reservation for the day we made it rather than now. The motel was nearly empty so we were able to get a room.

All night, the fire alarm kept beeping. Dale couldn't sleep at all, but he didn't want to wake me up. Then the alarm went off for real just before five. We rushed to the desk, but there was nobody there. We reached over to the counter and picked up the phone to call the motel staff, but it just rang unanswered on the next phone. A spacious lobby has never looked so empty. Finally, we dialed 911. The police and fire department came and were able to turn off the alarm, but not to make it stop beeping. we were given a different room for the remaining hour of the night. As we settled back down, the alarm in the new room beeped at us.

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