Saturday, July 31, 2010

Columbus, Wisconsin

We arrived in Columbus after a total of 330 miles, including a real killer hill up from the free ferry boat at Merrimac. The organized ride that we are joining here will be 367 miles, looping up to Lake Michigan. Many of the riders are camping, as seen here. Others are sleeping inside schools and community buildings. We are staying in motels.

This third of our tour is supported, so we don't have to carry all of our own equipment.

When we get an internet connection, we will add some more information on the interesting things we have seen along the way.

Post-trip edit:

We had a short riding day on Friday, July 30, starting in Reedsburg and riding just 27.1 miles to Portage, but spending two or three hours at the International Crane Foundation. We took the Cranes of the World tour, then rode off down the road, where we saw large numbers of wild sandhill cranes in the fields. Google had given us bicycling directions along a levee road that was lined with summer flowers and flat as a pancake. It was a relaxing day, with lots of good bird-watching.

On Saturday, we had a choice of a direct route to Columbus, where the SAGBRAW ride was starting, or a ride down the Wisconsin River to Merrimac to take the free ferry ride across the river. That ride is described in the next post, while the photo above shows what we saw at the end of the day, as we arrived in Columbus to join the SAGBRAW group.

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Anonymous said...

Mary, Dale,
I've been in Southern WI (Monroe) for the past week visiting my Mom. I leave tomorrow. I've been riding a borrowed 10-speed and doing a little riding. Your trip sounds like great fun. I'll be back in Sept for Cheese Days (Sep 17-19). If you get down this way I highly recommend riding the backroads, or the Sugar River and Badger State trails.
Nick Hein
Morgantown, WV