Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Ride

Saturday morning, we set out from Portage, Wisconsin to Columbus by a very indirect route taking us south along the Wisconsin River to Merrimac, where a free ferry ride carries traffic across.

The ride down the river brought us past ditches full of Queen Anne's Lace, Bee Balm, and chicory in full bloom, with black swallowtail butterflies sipping nectar.

We just missed one ferry trip and had a 15-minute wait for the next one. This photo shows the two linked Anura trikes and the trailer. After encountering a couple of skittish riding-stable horses a couple days ago, we decided that they might have called our rig "Tiger-Snake," so that's what we've named it.

We had carefully mapped out a route up from the river valley, but somehow our GPS had the rejected rather than the chosen path loaded. On Highway 60, we climbed for about 4 miles on a busy road with no real shoulder, about as steeply as we could keep old Tiger-Snake crawling. The route leveled out some after that, but it was still heavily traveled, and we finally sat down with Google maps and the Wisconsin Bike Federation paper maps and selected a quieter alternative that brought us into Columbus on rural roads.

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