Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flats and Mis-routing

Rolling the trikes down the hall from the hotel room this morning, I noticed an odd thumping. My left rear tire had a split casing and a bulge. Fortunately we had spare tires. After a short delay, we were on our way out of Lake City.

Half of the day's ride way on busy Highway 61. No problems there. We crossed into Wisconsin , where Google sent us down a dead end and later a one-way path, the wrong way. We couldn't understand why we were pedaling so hard and going so slowly. Then I noticed a flat tire on my right rear. It still held some air, so we pumped it up a few times on the way to the hotel. Then Dale's right rear flatted, too. (In retrospect -- after the ride -- we are suspicious of the narrow shoulders on the road. They often have rough edges up to the main pavement and down to the wider gravel shoulder, with occasional potholes and gaps in the surface. Some tires seem to hold up better than others under those conditions.

We finished our 80 miles and spent the evening patching leaks.

The second day's ride ended in Onalaska, just north of Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

Google responded quickly to an error report about the routing. We think they had been notified of a planned trail and just put it in before it was actually available on the ground.

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