Tuesday, July 27, 2010

starting out

Luke Breen from Calhoun Cycle came by our house on his bike around 6:30 on Tuesday morning, July 27, 2010, and snapped this picture of us as we set out for our 1000-mile bike tour of Wisconsin. Part of the fun of this tour has been setting up to blog it as we go, so I immediately posted the photo via "Blogger Droid." Text entry is slow, though, and even in the back seat I needed to do some navigating, so I'm coming back later and modifying the blog entries. The two Greenspeed Anura trikes are linked together, making a 5-wheel "pentacycle," with a modified Burley trailer on the back, carrying an Igloo cooler.

The electronics for the trip include a GPS from Garmin (the 60Cx), with a bike mount for each of the trikes, Droid smart phones, wired and wireless communicators (the radio version has to be recharged after 4 hours; the wired one doesn't allow as much freedom of movement, but lasts several days on a single set of batteries), and a laptop computer.

The heavy items are mostly tools, spare tires and tubes, and a change of shoes for each of us. We tried to cut back drastically on clothing, but there is always a chance of rain, and we can't count on being able to do laundry very often.

The first day was an 80-mile ride down along the Mississippi River to Lake City. We used Google's bike-mapping service, with the maps loaded to both Bikemap.net and to "My Maps," where we could access them from the Droid phones. Each route map was also downloaded to the GPS, and there were daily cue sheets with all the turns indicated.

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