Monday, August 09, 2010

Off to an "explosive" start

Only on a Sunday morning would we take a ride from Stevens Point to Amherst via Highway 10, and here is one reason.

If your tire blows, with a cloud of condensation so dense that you first try to figure out how on earth a trike could catch fire, it is nice to have a quiet shoulder to change the tire on.

We appreciated the concern of the fellow riders who pulled over to make sure we were OK.

The mass start for the Sunday morning ride met us on the road, but we figured we should make a quick stop at the starting point before setting out on the ride.
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We could have just turned around and joined the ride, but we didn't have ride sheets, and we wanted to make sure the tire was really holding air before leaving on the Sunday ride. Starting from Amherst adds about 13 miles to the ride on the front end and around 20 going back to Stevens Point (because it's insane to ride Highway 10 there in the afternoon, even on Sunday). With a commitment to ride almost 25 miles just to get to and from the ride, we were only sure that we were not going to take a long route, and were leaning toward the really short one.

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