Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 4

As the light clouds that kept the morning tolerable cleared, we appreciated the rest stops. At this one, we parked next to a Greenspeed tandem trike.

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When we went to drop off our trailer and box at the truck in Mishicot on Wednesday, August 4, the local TV crew was filming. We gave the anchorman a trike ride around the parking lot and set out for Appleton.

It was another hilly morning, so we were ready to eat when we pulled in to a meal stop in a church basement. Another Greenspeed tandem was sitting in the parking lot, and we parked beside it.

Appleton presented a challenge, as we picked up our trailer and cycled to the Radisson Hotel across the Fox River. The street rose very steeply from the bridge, and it was all we could do to climb to the intersection. A trip back across the river for supper at the school cafeteria just didn't fill us with enthusiasm, and the initial search for nearby restaurants turned up some places with surprisingly unfavorable reviews. Expanding the search radius brought us to a Thai restaurant a few blocks down the street, where we had no trouble finding a good vegetarian meal.

We left directly for Stevens Point on the morning of August 5, pulling our trailer. The ride on August 5 was about half on highways and about half on the Tomorrow River trail and nearby country roads.

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