Friday, August 06, 2010

Hostel Shoppe ice cream ride

Here we go!

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It's easy to find problems with Google's "Beta" version of bicycling directions, but we were quite impressed with their map showing the new cycling shortcut from the Hostel Shoppe to the La Quinta Hotel area up by Highway 10. The official opening of the path was set for August 11, but it was already on the map. We rode down around opening time to find a crowd of cylists already assembling in the parking lot. Our troubled Anura went up on its back for a new axle and bearings, flown in fresh from Australia.

We did a little shopping, looked at other riders' bikes, and made arrangements to have some of our unneeded luggage shipped home to lighten our trailer.

By the time the Ice Cream Ride started, we were ready to roll. We ended up with about 28 miles of riding for the day, the shortest since our trip to the Crane Foundation.

There were crowds of trikes this year -- mostly tadpoles, with many Catrikes and Terratrikes, and a good number of trikes from Greenspeed and ICE. We didn't see many delta trikes, and there was no attempt to repeat a ride with a train of six. Volae short-wheelbase bikes were well-represented, and we saw many RANS, Vision, and other brands of long and short wheelbase two-wheelers.

The Anura tandem excited quite a bit of interest from people who would like to ride tandem but haven't been able to develop the necessary cooperative skills. We gave quite a few folks test rides on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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