Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gearing up

From Blogger Pictures
Minneapolis plows many miles of bike paths, including the excellent Midtown Greenway, but as of March 5, there are still many icy patches, and riding a two-wheeler can be challenging.  Greenspeed's Anura trike comes with 16-inch wheels, for which there are no commercial sources of studded tires, so when we read about replacing the rear wheels with 20-inchers, we immediately realized that we could make a formidable ice bike that way. 

This is the Anura prototype trike that we bought in the spring of 2007.  A differential allows both rear wheels to be driven, which gives it extra traction on ice and snow.  Riding home from the bike shop where we had the wheels rebuilt, I deliberately took it up an icy hill and was able to make it to the top even though the path was actually too narrow, and the wheels were dragging against the snow on the sides. 

At least two more March snowstorms are looming out to the west, so we're expecting to have plenty of opportunities to test this little snow machine!

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