Friday, February 25, 2011

Bike to the Oscars

National Public Radio closed a story about eco-friendly star transportation to the Oscars with a link that left us rolling on the floor laughing:  Commute By Bike's "Bike to the Oscars."  They even mentioned velomobiles!  They left out the most spectacular -- and at the same time practical -- way for a star to show up by bike, though.  The very best Oscar transport just has to be a trike train.   Only the front rider needs to steer.  There's really no reason to bother with a helmet (though we usually do, since we like to take it up over 40 mph on hills).  If there are enough trikes in the train, one rider can just coast without slowing things down. 

From Feb 25, 2011

The trike train above had just returned from a 47-mile ride through the hills near Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where its riders wore mostly sensible cycling shorts.  Oscar nominees might choose something like the "tux" seen below (yes, that's printed on a high-quality bike jersey, and the boutonniere is a cog, but Primal Wear no longer makes it):

From Blogger Pictures

We ride a two-trike tandem to Minnesota Orchestra concerts when the snow isn't too deep.  The front rider does all the steering, so the rider in back is free to wave to the crowds, upload a tweet or blog, or keep a formal skirt under control. 

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