Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trikes in Winter

Our retirement in April 2014 leaves us without a daily bike/trike commute to work. Bungee the Great Hunter, our rat terrier, is happy to run beside a trike for three miles or more, but we still end up with much less riding than before. We will be trying to increase our mileage in 2015. For January 17, we hitched four trikes together and rode to the annual Kite Festival on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, then finished up with a ride around the lake. This trike train of three Greenspeed Anuras and a Hase Kettwiesel has 7-wheel drive and would be great for riding on ice. Unfortunately, the snow that fell after the lake froze is too deep for riding, so we stayed on the plowed path. There had been a shoveled path across the ice, but more snow fell and only part of the path was cleared after that.

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