Sunday, January 01, 2012

365 to go

Ten years ago today, a New Year's Day group ride inspired me to try biking every day for a whole year -- an elusive goal that I've never achieved yet. 

Trying to bike in bad weather introduced us to velomobiles, studded tires, lobster gloves, winter biking shoes, and delta trikes.

Our good-weather cycling has expanded to include hundred-mile rides, a 1008-mile cycling vacation, daily commuting by bike, and bike errands all over town.

Now it's time for another attempt to take at least one bike ride every day of the year.  The first day of 2012 brought a layer of ice and fresh snow, with high winds and falling temperatures.  We waited until evening and took a ride around Lake Harriet in the dark, meeting only three pedestrians and no other cyclists -- and no wonder, since the bike path was slick with ice.

One down.  Three-hundred and sixty-five to go.

[The ride -- about three miles, with a Greenspeed Anura trike;  Dale was on a modified Anura with 20" rear wheels fitted with Schwalbe Winter studded tires.]

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