Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Roll Over America"

For 4 weeks in late July and early August 2011, 43 velomobile riders in 3-wheel vehicles powered by 2 pedals will cross America from 1 ocean to the other. We were excited to learn that the route -- originally planned along a more southern alignment -- has been changed so that it will come through our home town Minneapolis.

Riders from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Italy will be joined by a contingent of North American velomobilists, starting in Portland, Oregon and crossing the United States to Washington, D.C.

Click on the header for a link to the Roll Over America website.

The photo is from a velomobile rally in 2005 in Giessen, Germany. Many of the velomobiles and riders from that rally will be coming to the U.S. for this exciting event.

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