Saturday, September 04, 2010

Shopping at the Farmers' Market

Back at home, we can fill the whole trailer with fresh produce at the local farmers' market.
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Kent said...

Hi Mary

I was reading your blog concerning the linking up of you 2 anura delta trikes. I have a GS tadpole & delta trikes which can be connected up a tandem. i saw one of your comment about linking up 3, 4 or even five anuras. I know it is possible, however, is it practical in a touring sense? Have you seen such combinations in action? I have been thinking about connecting a further delta to my tadpole delta combination or down the track purchasing a tandem tadhole trike with a delta trike in tow. I am interested in you feed back. As well as any recommendations of other web sites concerning this subject.
kind regards

Kent Jefferies

Mary said...

We have ridden 76 kilometers with a train of 6 delta trikes at one recumbent rally, and we have often gone shorter distances with three, four, or five trikes. At the Spezi bike show in Germersheim, Germany, a train of as many as 8 Kettwiesel trikes carries visitors from the railroad station to the exhibit hall.

Some of our videos of trike trains are on YouTube. You can find them by searching under "trike train." Ours are listed under Velomobiling or Livewombat.

Three trikes would be quite practical for touring. With the longer train, you have to be very careful not to move to the side before all of the trikes have passed another rider or an obstacle. It is easy to turn, even with a long train of trikes. The main problem for touring with more trikes is that you lose some luggage space when you link the trikes together. With two trikes and a trailer, it is not a big problem, but carrying all of the luggage for five riders in one trailer might be difficult.

A train of 4 or 5 Anuras would be easier to ride than a two-wheeled multi-rider bike, and the Anuras can always be separated into individual trikes for solo rides.