Tuesday, September 05, 2006

100 miles

For the past two years, I've biked 100 miles on September 11. In 2004, it was in the Cab-Bike (see the photos; the odometer reads in kilometers), but in 2005, I used three different bikes. Riding a hundred miles takes me all day. I've only done it twice so far. It seemed like a good way to give my birthday a different focus after the events of 2001. This year, I'm planning to start the ride on September 10 and just finish it after midnight on the eleventh. There are two rides on the tenth that I didn't want to miss. The St. Paul Classic is a 7000-person tour of car-free streets in St. Paul, with plenty of music, food, and socializing. Riding there and back will bring that morning event to 50 miles. In the afternoon, Calhoun Cycle hosts a recumbent ride with as many as 100 riders that will add another 35 or 40 miles. A couple rounds of some local lakes will bring the total to 100. I'll probably start on a Greenspeed GTO trike, switch to the Cab-Bike for the Calhoun Cycle event, and end up with a 1959 Raleigh three-speed or a Brompton/Junik recumbent folder.

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