Sunday, March 05, 2006

Road Rage

Thinking about the profane driver who "buzzed" me for not using the bike lane on a quiet residential street, I wonder how to reach that sort of person. The photo here shows what that lane looked like -- sheets of ice and snow, and piles of loose sand, on an uphill stretch. What sort of idiot, I'm wondering, would consider that a suitable place for a commuter with a heavy set of panniers to ride?

But labeling this guy (however much he deserves it) as an idiot and wishing for a well-placed patch of ice to take him off the road does not solve the problem. He'd probably be even nastier if he were reminded that Peak Oil will have him biking or walking to work himself soon. Does anybody know how to tame the raging American Road Hog?

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Jim Robb said...

Mary, glad to see you have a blog. you can check mine out:

I am not yet in a velomobile, but on my recumbant as many days as possible.

I too experience fits of road rage while pedaling, but I see many examples from car drivers to other drivers.
Keep slugging it out!