Sunday, February 26, 2006

Impractical vehicles


On Saturday (February 25, 2006), I went to Mondo Fest. It's about as far from a velomobiling event as you can get without leaving the human-powered world. Crowds of kids zipped around on unicycles, jugglers tossed hoops, rings, clubs, knives, and balls, sometimes while unicycling, and lasso-artists, people with hoops, and a wide variety of yo-yo experts filled four basketball courts and an indoor track. Last year, I rode a velomobile to this event, but a funeral in the morning left me with too little time for the long ride, so I drove there.

My favorite unicycle was this carousel horse. A slight offset in the attachment of the supports causes it to go up and down as the rider pedals. It was tricky to ride, but the kid in the green shirt was taking it around in circles. The link in this post is to some of the videos. film clips from Mondo Fest

Very tall unicycles, fat-tire unicycles, big wheels for touring, little tiny unicycles for kids who didn't look older than 5 -- there were a lot of crazy things. Even some bi-cycles and tri-cycles in which one wheel turned another below it - and sometimes one below that.

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